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16L Battery Plate


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16L Battery plate- 1
Battery plate ties- 4


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**Battery Type:**   – Agriculture drones typically use lithium-polymer (Li-Po) or lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries due to their high energy density and lightweight properties. The battery plate is a component that holds and secures the battery.
2. **Material and Construction:**   – The battery plate is commonly made of lightweight and durable materials such as aluminum or other metals. This provides structural support while keeping the overall weight of the drone within acceptable limits.
3. **Mounting Mechanism:**   – The battery plate includes a secure mounting mechanism to hold the drone battery firmly in place during flight. This is essential for stability and safety.
4. **Electrical Connectors:**   – The battery plate has connectors that allow for the electrical connection between the drone’s power distribution system and the battery. These connectors should be robust and reliable to ensure a stable power supply during operation.
5. **Ventilation and Heat Dissipation:**   – Depending on the design, the battery plate may incorporate features for ventilation and heat dissipation to prevent the battery from overheating during prolonged use.
6. **Vibration Dampening:**   – To enhance the reliability and longevity of the battery, some designs include vibration dampening features on the plate. This helps absorb shocks and vibrations during takeoff, landing, and in-flight.
7. **Integrated Sensors:**   – Some advanced drone systems may include sensors on the battery plate to monitor factors like temperature, voltage, and current. This data can be crucial for ensuring the health and safety of the battery.
8. **Water and Dust Resistance:**   – Agriculture drones often operate in outdoor environments, and the battery plate may have features to make it resistant to water and dust. This is important for protecting the electronics and ensuring reliable performance in various weather conditions.
9. **Quick Release Mechanism:**   – Some drone designs incorporate a quick-release mechanism for the battery plate, allowing for efficient battery replacement in the field. This feature can contribute to increased operational efficiency.
10. **Regulatory Compliance:**    – The design of the battery plate should comply with relevant safety and regulatory standards to ensure the safe operation of the drone.

Weight 0.149 kg
Dimension 100*80*2mm
Usage/Application Agriculture
Material Carbon Fiber
Brand EFT
Weight 250g
Color Black
Battery Type Lipo Battery

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