3L Electrostatic Centrifugal Sprayer Foldable

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Only One Piece of  3L Foldable Centrifugal Nozzles


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The nozzle cannot idle, and the water pump needs to be turned on at the same time (the liquid medicine needs to flow to cool the nozzle motor).
When powered by 12S, the nozzle speed is turned on at 95% (analog quantity 1000-1950)
When powered by 14S, the nozzle speed is turned on at 85% (analog quantity 1000-1850)
When powered by 18S, the nozzle speed is set at 75% (analog quantity 1000-1750)
The nozzle must be turned off when the liquid medicine is finished (some flight controls do not have centrifugal nozzle mode and require manual nozzle closure)





Weight 0.380 kg

Shell material: aluminum alloy
Mist particle size: 50-200 microns
Working range: water supply 200-2000mL/min
Atomizing spray width: 1.5-2.0m
Voltage: 14-18S power supply
Current range: within 4A
Speed: 20000 rpm
Power: 60W
Weight: 359g
Inlet and outlet pipe diameter 8mm
Outgoing cable length: 125cm
Protection level: IP55

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