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Jiyi Front Obstacle Avoidance Radar- 1


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For the device to properly avoid the barrier in front of the drone, the obstacle avoidance radar module’s primary function is to measure the drone’s relative distance from it. Using 24GHz radar technology, obstacle avoidance radars can operate in a variety of weather conditions, including intense sunlight, high temperatures, fog, dust, wind, and darkness. It has a vast detecting range, excellent awareness, and steady, speedy signal transmission. Electric wires, tiny trees with a trunk diameter of 10 cm, individuals standing 1.7 m tall, and telephone poles rising 15 cm all provide great obstacle avoidance capabilities for high-speed drones, making them ideal for protecting plants missions in complex environments.

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Weight 0.99 kg
Product Weight 99g
Modulation Mode FMCW
Centre Frequency 24.125GHz
Detection range 1~25m
Accuracy 0.1m
Power Waste 3.0W at 25 degree C
Resolution 0.6m
Shipping Weight 0.142 kg
Shipping Dimensions 12 × 11 × 6 cm

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